International Exhibition Company “Atakent-Expo”

Атакент ЭкспоInternational Exhibition Company “Atakent-Expo”

At present time Kazakhstan is holding a worthy position in international exhibition industry. Exhibitional activity plays important role in solving the problem of finding out promising innovative ideas in different spheres of science and manufacturing, and also supports home manufacturers, turning into an effective propagandistic tool of economical changes occuring in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, “Atakent-Expo” international exhibition company , a subsidiary company of JSC “Atakent” is a leading company specialsing in organisation of international exhibitions. Organising and carrying out large-scale international exhibitions are the barest necessity for developing Kazakhstan market and IEC «Atakent-Expo»’ s employees’ activities are oriented to solve this task.
«Atakent-Expo» consists of groups responsible for organisation and coordination of fairs and exhibitions, administration and service, advertising, information, stands construction and decorations.

Lately the strenthening of material and technical basis in stand construction has been achieved,what makes possible to сover the expenses fully and to carry out stands mounting at guest exhibitions and to work on additional orders as well. Nowadays “Atakent-Expo” IEC is able to fulfil the orders on mounting of an exhibitional area, providing additional equipment if it is necessary. On the territory of Kazakhstan Centre of Business Cooperation, owing to favourable conditions created by managing staff , around 40-50 of large-scale international and national exhibitions with participation of foreign companies and firms are held annually. These exhibitions cover wide spheres of economic: oil and gas industry, telecommunications and computer technologies, power and electrical engineering, machinery building, healthcare, timber and woodworking, transport, tourism, agricultural and food industry, textile, fashion, etc.

Exhibitions are held in 6 modern pavilions, with total area of more than 19000sq.m.
Annually IEC “Atakent-Expo” organizes 20 international exhibitions on the. Almost all exhibitions indicated above are accompanied by an interesting business programme: presentations of firms, thematic seminars, conferences and round table meeting and talks, which bring a lots of opportunities as exchanging of experience, discussion of actual problems, to specialists of different fields.

Besides, stand construction and decoration group of “Atakent-Expo” company regularly carries out stand mounting and provides all the exhibitions, organised by ITE, a famous company from Great Britain, and its’ exclusive representative in Kazakhstan and Central Asia – ITECA company with necessary equipment, and guest exhibitions, held not only on the territory of KCBC “Atakent”, but also in Astana, Aktobe, etc. Organisation of National exhibitions of foreign countries on the territory of KCBC, which mounting is carried out by IEC “Atakent-Expo”s stand mounting and decoration group, is becoming customary. Also every year foreign exhibition companies from Great Britain, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, Russian Federation, India, Iran, Jordan, Italy, China, UAE, France stand as organizers and co-organizers of international and national exhibitions, held on the territory of KCBC “Atakent”.

In connection with removal of the ministries and departments to a new capital,in 1998 IEC “Atakent-Expo”s branch was established in Astana, and exhibitions of diferent thematic are also being held over there.

Employees of the branch company are succesfully dealing with the orders on mounting of exhibitions,held in Astana. Managing staff of IEC “Atakent-Expo” sets up such goals as further strenthening of material and technical basis (purchase of modern exhibitional equipment, providing the employees with necessary and high-quality apparatus, etc), search of new reliable partners for effective team-work to expand the borders of international exhibition business in Kazakhstan.